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Melanie & James Eubanks Lemon Drops Weddings & Events Founder Owner

 Founder & Creative Director

Melanie B. Eubanks

James Eubanks

Co-Founder & Production Manager

I grew up in an Alabama home where my parents loved to entertain. Whether it was a small dinner party for six or a Christmas celebration for 200, the love of entertaining has been in my life since I was a child. The love of decorating, planning, and cooking for events inspired me to create Lemon Drops. I'm blessed to have my husband by my side who has the same love, vision, and desire to create exciting weddings & events for our friends, family and clients. Lemon Drops is a unique, diversified team with the talent and skills to make all your wedding & event dreams come true. We're honored to serve you and walk you through every step of the process. Thanks for visiting our site and we hope to hear from you soon!

Zestfully Yours,

Melanie B. Eubanks

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Meet The Main Squeezes

Kristine Campbell, Wedding Manager & Senior Coordinator. 

Liz Ortiz, Wedding Coordinator. 

Kassy Wainwright, Wedding Coordinator.

Marissa Capriotti, Social Media & Wedding Coordinator. 

Peyton Jefferis,
Assistant Wedding Coordinator.

Bleu Eubanks, Chief of Security. Though many believe Bleu to be a boy, she is a strong independent gal! She loves to alert her friends when a new person is visiting the office - if you hear her singing - mind your business - she's probably just perfecting her new hit single "Zesty Ladies"

Goldie Eubanks, Chief of Kisses. Goldie girl is a shy one, but like any shy girl once she gets to know you, she loves you! She has perfected her kisses, and is not afraid to kiss & tell! 

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