Dr. Rehnke Non-Surgical Cosmetic Services

Dr. Rehnke and The Center for Surgical Excellence are dedicated to making a significant, positive difference in your life – especially for your special day! We want you looking and feeling your very best. The Center provides the highest quality personal care in combination with a personalized surgical plan that takes advantage of the latest surgical and non-surgical techniques.


Many brides, mothers-of-bride, and mothers-of-groom are interested in having some non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Services like Botox and Juvederm are an option for rejuvenation, without the downtime of surgery.


Consultations are complimentary through Lemon Drops Weddings & Events


BOTOX relaxes the muscle and allows for a decrease in lines on the face – the most common areas are between the brows, on the forehead, around crow’s feet and around the mouth.


$13 per unit of Botox – number of units to be determined upon consultation with Dr. Rehnke


JUVEDERM is a filler that uses hyaluronic acid to “fill in” lines, especially in areas around the mouth. The most common area is the nasolabial folds or “parenthesis” on either side of mouth. Juvederm is also used to fill in lines around the lips as well as “plump up” the lips for those who suffer from thin lips. Dr. Rehnke uses Juvederm XC that has Lidocaine, numbing agent, in it to aid in the comfort of the injection.


$625 for 1ml full syringe | $450 for half syringe


Take Note * A consultation with Dr. Rehnke is needed prior to the Juvederm injection. Please schedule a consultation with our office by calling (727) 341-0337 to consult with Dr. Rehnke about where you might want Juvederm. Consultations through Lemon Drops are complimentary. You can also schedule an appointment for the Juvederm injection when you call. Please allow approximately 4 weeks prior to the wedding to allow any bruising or swelling to fully subside.

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