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5 Simple Cheap Valentine's Day Date Ideas

With Valentine's Day around the corner, we figured this is the perfect time to share some things you can do on a budget to show your love. If you're single, give yourself some love. If you’re in a relationship, don't forget to spoil your significant other. If you're ballin 'on a budget, read this article for some great ideas.

Plan a Backyard Picnic

All you need is a blanket, coffee table and some throw pillows. Spice it up by adding string lights and maybe some candles. Whether your meal is a go-to place you and your partner enjoy, or a simple meal you make at home, it’s more about the time you put into it and the effort you are making to break out of a simple routine.

Dress up & Stay in

If you're like me then you already have an outfit in mind for Valentine's Day. With quarantine still in order, there's not many places you can go. V-Day is probably one of busiest times for restaurants, you would have to book weeks in advance to secure a reservation. Why not take advantage of the kitchen you never use and turn it into your own restaurant, “Casa de Amor”. Print out a cute menu, break out your fancy silverware and throw on some heels or a tie. Dress up for staying in. Make it feel like you're going to a five-star restaurant, when realistically you're walking maybe 100 feet to the next best thing. Intimacy is sexy. That's what Valentine’s Day is about, learning to love and celebrating with those loved ones. Whether you are new to the relationship world, or have been married for years, a loud restaurant is not where you want to be.

It Takes Two to Tango

Spice things up a little bit. Get out of your comfort zone and learn how to dance. If you have ever felt embarrassed by going to a class, it's a great thing the world is virtual now. Dust off those heels and throw on a YouTube tutorial. Do the cha-cha-cha with your oo-la-la in the comfort of your own home. Who knows maybe knowing how to dance might come in handy for the future. It’s definitely a fun thing to do with your partner in crime.

Chocolate & Cheese Will Always Please

One way to win someone’s heart is through fondue. Dip your favorite sweets and treats such as strawberries or veggies in whatever you can melt together. Throw those babies on a skewer and dip them in the stove pan. This activity can cost less than $10 and is the perfect way to end the night.

Rose Petals Everywhere

You can’t have Valentine's without flowers. Whether you want to make a custom bouquet to give your loved one or just throw rose petals everywhere. Flowers have traditionally been a part of this lovely holiday. If you are untraditional, get them a plant. It’s different but I bet they will love it. You can order one flower or many. Some people prefer simple, others enjoy over the top. Depending on your significant other, send them love so they know you remembered. It’s all about making an effort. Check us out here to order flowers

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