LAVISH: Boutique Life-Styled Gatherings for the Holidays & Beyond!

Although the Holidays will be looking a lot different this year, there’s no denying they’re fast approaching. And just because our home gatherings might be smaller, that’s no reason to skip showing off your home with the perfect holiday flair and décor. If you were scared of hosting dinner parties around the holidays because your house was never decorated like you wanted, or because you never had the time or the tools to make your ideas come to life, fear no more!

Enter LAVISH by Lemon Drops - our NEW division specializing in Boutique Life-Styled Gatherings. With Lavish, you rediscover the passion of entertaining in your home again! We provide unique tablescapes, or refresh and repurpose your own décor making it new and inviting. We’ll set your table, decorate your home, create fresh floral arrangements, plan a menu or procure a caterer. From detailed designs to after dinner drinks, Lavish will create the perfect atmosphere for your next social gathering.

If you haven't seen our work before, check out some photos below from one of our dear friend Bonnie Strickland’s home. This year she asked us to dress up her home for fall and Thanksgiving, making it even more warm and inviting - with grand entrance décor as soon as you walk in, to detailed accents in even the bathrooms.

So with Thanksgiving next week ushering in the holiday season, and the current pandemic changing how we celebrate this year, we realize the time to deck out your home for your holiday (or any other) gatherings may need to wait until 2021. But know that Lavish will set the mood for any and every event. Contact us to start planning and decorating for your parties, gatherings, holiday shindigs, and more! Wishing everyone good health and happy holidays, from all of us at Lemon Drops & Lavish!

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