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Creative & Customized Wedding Trends in 2020

A bride holds her beautiful, brightly colored bridal bouquet
Dewitt For Love Photography

Trends are created or dumped every year. According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, a trend can be described as “a general direction in which something is developing or changing”. To us that means a positive transition to something new, even though 2020 has been a very challenging year and probably changed the way we will do things forever. This year led to many wedding dates being rescheduled and unfortunately canceled. We weren’t allowed to celebrate our special moments with our loved ones. But that didn’t stop some couples from demonstrating their love for each other and tying the knot anyway. They made the best of a grim situation and figured out ways to have beautiful, intimate weddings in the end, all while blazing new trends.

With this year introducing the beginning of a new normal, it gave us time to reflect and spend more time with the ones who really matter in creative ways. Video chat platforms, like Zoom, became an essential form of communicating. In the industry we noticed backyard weddings becoming more popular while traditional ceremonies in places of worship slowly faded away. With the social and cultural landscape changing due to the current pandemic, the option of gathering in small, enclosed spaces went by the wayside. Instead, couples have now started to utilize personal places and spaces where they feel safe and loved to create everlasting memories. And because of the technologically connected world we live in, these lovely brides and grooms then share these moments with their extended friends and families not able to physically be part of the big day through social media and live streaming.

Another trend that we here at Lemon Drops are hoping to see (and spark) is the creation of floral masks! Obviously in light of the coronavirus, masks became a requirement for in-person gatherings. By our industry standards, we recommend that the wedding hosts provide masks for the party and guests. This not only provides safety, but also ensures everyone is uniformed and picture ready (especially the bridal party)! But with masks being the newest fashionable accessory, we want to make sure the bride and groom stand out. Take a look at our work here - and peep those jacket lapels, fellas!

Here at Lemon Drops, we want to make sure all of your loved ones, including your pets, are included on your big day! From flower crowns to floral collars, we do it all. Having an intimate wedding means you don’t have to exclude your furry best friends- in fact, it’s all the more reason to include them! Whether they’re carrying your rings down the aisle, or just hanging around for post ceremony pictures, these four legged friends are part of your family so don’t let them miss out on the perfect floral accessory. Lemon Drops custom makes all pet floral accessories in house, tailored specifically to your one of a kind fur baby!

Our shop dog, Bleu, wearing her beautiful flower collar!
Shawna Meadors Photography

We’ve noticed another trend recently: bright, vibrant colors used throughout the wedding. No more pastels - bright colors bring life and excitement to your wedding and really pop as your centerpiece. Definitely something to talk about! The non-traditional weddings that embrace the contemporary style are becoming more popular. Try to get as creative as possible with your floral decorations.

Speaking of bright, our Lead Floral Designer here at Lemon Drops, Randy, says that his favorite 2020 floral design trend (so far) was a simple and small ultra-traditional hot pink ranunculus bouquet. He says that it was not the normal order of the wild and big boho look this year, but more like a “beautiful round bouquet that was just stunning”. Another one of his favorites (which he helped create) was an amazing colorful floral design that cascaded down a tree and overflowed on the ground, pictured below. This creation took about two days to perfect, but was well worth the time.

This year has been a crazy ride for all of us, but don’t let that stop you from expressing your love for and starting your own trends. Get creative, be extraordinary, shine your light! Here at Lemon Drops, we want to help you create those memories that will last a lifetime. Contact us today with your wedding dreams. With our constantly expanding knowledge of what is, and what will be trending, we promise to deliver them and more.

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