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Picking Your Bridal Party

One of the most exciting, yet nerve-wracking, parts about your wedding is picking your bridal party. Why? Is it the fear of hurting someone's feelings? Or maybe you and your partner can’t agree on the number of individuals in your bridal party? Whatever it is, it really doesn't have to be so stressful (we promise!). We’re here to give you four quick tidbits on picking your bridal party.

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Who Makes The Cut?

Close your eyes and picture walking down the aisle. Now besides your fiance, who do you see standing next to you? Those are the individuals who should be in your party. Your most loyal and supportive friends or family, the ones that will ensure your day is perfect and you feel loved. It’s as simple as that.

Breaking The Norm...

Yes, we are going there! Often brides or grooms feel they must include certain family members, like siblings, in their party. That’s simply not true. Especially if you are not close with them. With that being said, these individuals will most likely be around for years to come, and the likeliness of you growing closer with them is probable. Yet, if you have troubling family members who will bring negativity or drama to you or anyone in your party, think twice before asking them. It’s highly encouraged not to pick someone just because you feel obligated.

How Many Are Too Many?

That’s a question often asked when choosing the bridal party, and again the simple answer is "whatever you want". Seriously, if you want two individuals or ten individuals, it’s completely up to you! There’s a possibility you and your fiance won’t have an even number in your parties, and you know what - who cares?! Don't throw some rando in there just because your fiance has extra people in their party. The number does not matter, but remember… florals, etc. can be expensive! Of course, the more people you have the more opinions there are bound to be; again weigh out your pros and cons on the size of your bridal party, ultimately, do what makes you happy. The only thing we ask is you don't continue adding people because you’re afraid of hurting their feelings.

Hurt Feelings

How do we get by without hurting feelings? If you find yourself in a position where you’re afraid someone's feelings may be hurt, give them another role in the wedding. And of course we only recommend doing this for the one(s) who actually almost made the cut in the first place. There’s always the one who was positive you’d choose them even though you haven’t spoken since 4th grade. These roles could range from an usher, reading a passage at the ceremony, overseeing the guestbook or gifts, or helping decorate the ceremony/reception. Another choice is inviting those friends or family members who aren't in your bridal party to your bridal shower and/or bachelorette trip!

Did you know that in early history bridesmaids were tasked with protecting the bride? They were said to protect them from evil spirits, evil bandits, or rival suitors. So pick the individuals who will protect you - not necessarily from spirits or bandits (ha-ha), but emotionally and mentally! Just remember this is your day, and you have to choose who you want to stand by your side.

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